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8 February 2016

DCS and Social Networks

The tools now available on the web allow a certain ease of communication, so DCS decided to choose Social Networks adapted to its needs and objectives.

Why does DCS use Social Networks?
The company’s will is to create links between the public and the company, in particular to promote business, while developing a unique and innovative relationship with its employees. The Social Networks used by DCS are Linkedin and Viadeo.

What do the DCS corporate pages contain?
The Linkedin and Viadeo pages are a good way to get the company’s latest news: general information about DCS, challenges organized with students, recruitment forums, information on our trades, etc.

Please visit our corporate pages on:



5 January 2016

DCS wishes you a beautiful digital year!

Fabienne DALLIERE, the President of DCS Group and all the collaborators wish you the best for 2016!
May this year be synonymous with performance and success.


27 November 2015

Autumn 2015 begins with a beautiful success!

DCS has just received the results of the 2015 CSR performance assessment by EcoVadis experts and can be proud of them. As in 2014, DCS maintains its level of performance on each evaluated subject (Environment, Society, Business Ethics and Responsible Procurement), showing high marks once again this year (general score : 76/100 ; logo : GOLD ;  commitment status : ADVANCED).


Focus on our sustainable development approach

In 2011, we officially launched our sustainable development approach by joining the UN Global Compact, writing our 1st communication on Progress as well as our Business Code of Ethics.
In 2012, we decided to resort to the Ecovadis experts to evaluate our overall CRS. By that time we had already achieved very good results: 63/100.
The company has since increased its commitments and expanded its sphere of influence, taken part in conferences (Global Compact, the Sustainable Mobility Day, Pollutec, COP21, etc.), intercompany challenges (Mobility, Eco-Driving) and sustainable innovation challenges organized by customers (Horizon Award).


On November 5th, we were invited to the Eco-Driving challenge Awards Ceremony which took place at the Grand Lyon. DCS’ employees were rewarded for their implication in this challenge and received the energy efficiency Award.
We wish that they continue with this commitment all through the year and hope that these results will encourage them being always more eco-friendly.

In the continuity of our commitments, DCS will support the COP21. We will join Caring for Climate and participate in the Business Forum organized in Paris - Le Bourget, on next December 7th and 8th.
Prior to the start of the conference, the DCS CSR Department launched an appeal to sign the climate solidarity petition, inviting employees to take a simple action with GERES to fight climate imbalance.


16 November 2015

Friday, November 13th - Paris

In the wake of the dramatic events which occurred in Paris on Friday, November 13th, the President of DCS Group – Fabienne DALLIERE – and all the company’s collaborators would like to share their respect and support with the victims, their families and friends.

The DCS Management

6 October 2015

New ! DCS creates a partnership in Lyons with the regional educational authority for the 2015-2016 school year

The beginning of the autumn term is now behind us and we are now at the heart of the school year.
DCS is organizing a partnership with the region’s (Ain, Loire, Rhône) BTS SIO, 2nd year for 2015-2016. This new cooperation is opening soon with the launching of the DCS IT GAMES, due to start in November.  

Why such a partnership ?
The aim is to work with schools that train future IT professionals and potential targets of recruitment, with the primary objective to exchange all through the year with these students that will soon be in search of job opportunities. We will support and counsel them during their search (to elaborate an attractive CV, to write a cover letter, to go through a test job interview…) so that they can get better prepared to enter the job market. The DCS IT GAMES will, as its name indicates, be based on a game entertainment. In the coming months, our HR/Recruitment teams – will visit the schools concerned by the project. We will then announce them what the DCS IT GAMES are more precisely made of. At this stage, we have decided not to give any details as we wish to maintain some kind of mystery in our communications, and so that all the students involved can discover the contents of the DCS IT GAMES at the same time. 

You will be able to get live news on this collaboration visiting DCS’ social networks’ professional pages (Viadeo and LinkedIn), but also directly here, in the next posts.

Monthly recruitment news update
DCS will once again take part in the annual recruitment exhibition dedicated to the IT profession and organized by the Pole Emploi (Unemployment Office), on Tuesday, October 13th from 8.30am to 4.30pm at the Espace Ecully, 7 rue Jean Rigaud (métrople de Lyon). Our recruitment teams will be pleased to meet candidates looking for job opportunities in IT.

10 September 2015

7 days to D-day : Get your CV ready!

Only 7 days left to go before the unmissable IT recruitment event of this coming September !  

Don’t forget to update your CV and come to meet us at our stand on Thursday, September, 17th at the Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design (34 Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 13ème). 

We will propose you job opportunities and exchange with you on your career path and professional aspirations.

Until next Thursday, you can check out our current offers on our website’s homepage in the “job offers”. 

More news on the event on the website :

See you soon!

The recruitment team

17 August 2015

Take part in the IT event of this coming September!

You are invited to take part in the recruitment exhibition organized by in Paris on Thursday, September 17th.

Our company, DCS, is a digital service provider specialized in close-at-hand IT expertise for more than 30 years and will host both beginners and IT experts at its stand, from 11am to 9pm. 

Already on mission, simply on the lookout for new professional openings or actively looking for a job?

Our recruitment team will be pleased to meet you and exchange with you!

It is also an occasion for you to update your CV and come and see what the current opportunities are! Do not hesitate to spread the information to your relatives and acquaintances looking for new professional opportunities in IT.

We are then looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, September, 17th at the Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design, 34 Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 13ème.
Free entrance, registrate at or report to the front desk from 11am to 9pm (do not forget to come with your CV!)

In the meantime we wish you a pleasant summer!

See you soon,

The recruitment team

23 July 2015

One more customer satisfied with the services delivered by DCS!

The commercial teams of DCS daily keep on striving for expanding the current client portofolio but also for creating privileged relationships with its existing customers.

Nothing is more precious than their satisfaction and desire to continue the partnership requesting the company for needs throughout France.

To pick out an example, DCS is for instance thinking about one of its internationally recognized customers.

A little more than 2 years ago now, the commercial team in Lyon identified the needs of this potential customer belonging to the food-processing industry. We got to know each other progressively, as good commercial relationships always initiates by a precise, cautious understanding of the activity and needs of the potential customer. 

During the first semester of 2014, our potential customer has become one of our key customers.

After a two-year period of exchanges, this big account now trusts us and regularly consults us for a variety of services in User Environments Management. DCS has been able to upgrade from the position of a challenger (facing monster companies) to the one of a trustful partner, and established with this customer a relationship based on confidence and reliable, experienced solutions. The capacity to adjust answers to the customers' needs no longer has to be proved.

Strength and added values of DCS: offering adapted services and innovative solutions in short time (reactivity), integrating technically-skilled resources in perfect tune with the expressed need (exact definition of perimeter). Since the start of the collaboration, about a dozen employees are working – or worked – on this service provision. 

DCS answers its customers' needs through the delivery of quality service provisions and the positioning of tightly-selected resources. The commercial and operational teams work together and exchange on a daily basis to qualify and identify the resources that will best suit the solution to bring the customers. The reactivity of DCS, the quality of the services delivered by its collaborators, as well as the close follow-up of resources done by a supportive, benevolent Management, are a guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Despite results below its very ambitious expectations for the first semester of 2015, DCS has seen its turnover increase and has shown a positive growth compared to 2014.  

DCS, the Digital Service Provider that ensures the continuity of your IT services under extreme conditions! 

7 May 2015

Reinforcement in Paris for a promising future !

After 10 years of existence, our Parisian-Ile-de France office counts a hundred collaborators on such missions as management of user environment, integration and exploitation of systems and networks, Datacenter management, for various private or public customers (mostly big accounts), from all business sectors.  

Here is a focus on the Parisian staff members: committed players with various skills.

The office in Paris is headed by Sandrine D. since 2006. She manages and leads the operational teams delivering the services, and keep watch over good results and local performances. 

Bruno L. runs the business development department for the Ile-de-France region. He joined DCS in 2014. He works on strategic orientation and business development in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. Always on the lookout for new contacts and projects, he plays a major role in the future of the company. Early in 2015, Bruno created a team made of junior salespeople: Claire S. and Nicolas R. Bruno assists them in their daily work on market research to widen the client portfolio of the company. Both enthusiastic and motivated, Claire S. and Nicolas R. are eagerly trying to win new contracts and markets. The dynamic is on its way!

Cédric D. and Serge J. take on the operational follow-up and resources management; they are responsible for service quality delivered to customers. Cedric, now Manager of Operations, was once team-leader for one of DCS' customers. He benefited from intern mobility to become part of DCS' structure teams, five years ago. His vision and experience in the field are essential when it comes to dealing with the customers and collaborators! "Customer satisfaction" is Cedric D.'s main goal and motto!

Serge J. began at DCS working as a technician for a banking customer located in the west part of France. Demonstrating his commitment and an capacity to supervise, he benefited from geographical and occupational mobility. Now a Technical Coordinator for the Parisian structure, he is in charge of the customer follow-up. His added values are his listening skills and relational abilities in contact with collaborators! 

Laurent B. is entrusted with Project Management. He contributes elaborating replies for service offers and calls for tender and is in charge of the setting-up of news services through the different transition phases.

The recruitment team, composed of Arnaud M. and Céline V., source and look for the best candidates to reinforce an existing team and service or provide resources for new ones. From the perfect understanding of the need to the qualification of the need, from the interview to the selection of collaborators, recruitment has no secret for them!

To finish, Marion R., who works hand in hand with everyone in a dynamic and reactive way, coordinates daily exchanges and makes them easier.

At the end of 2014, DCS' General Management announced an ambitious development plan for Paris and its region. To meet those needs, the structure has been given new means, the “family” has grown and new forces have been brought about in Sales, Operations and Recruitment.

The conquest of new markets in our core business is still essential and a priority.


27 March 2015

“DCS has responsible practices”: For the 5th time in a row, DCS reaffirms its engagement towards the UN Global Compact and its 10 principles!

Since 2010, DCS expresses its continuous support to the UN Global Compact and its 10 fundamental principles.

DCS’ historical values of humanity and fairness confirm the interest the company has in the Global Compact and its 10 principles.

DCS has just once more published its annual Communication on Progress (coP) which is available for consultation on our website’s homepage or directly in the section called “Our corporate social responsibility”, or by simply clicking on the following link :  

The main subjects tackled in the communication are Universal Rights, Labour Standards, Environmental Responsibility, Economic and Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance and awareness raising. It also reports on various internal CSR-related actions and events. 

In the coP we communicate a large number of figures as well as strengths concerning DCS’ CSR approach.

The DCS group takes an inventory of responsible actions, regularly implemented on the DCS’ sites to improve, on our level, sustainable development in society. 

The year 2015 promises to be positive in this domain. Very soon, the Sustainable Development and the Communication departments will organize events in which employees will be able to participate. 

Through all these actions and communications, DCS falls within a progress and continuous improvement approach to reach higher performance each day.

Let’s finish by also mentioning here that DCS will attend the Global Compact France’s Annual General Assembly at UNESCO, Paris, on May 20th, which is organized as part of the Business and Climate Summit. On that occasion, DCS will compete for “Best Communication of the Year” (March 2014’s coP) in the Small and Medium Sized Company category.

29 December 2014

The last NEWS of the year

The year 2014 finishes with a Revenue growth of 7% and an increase in its operating margin. The controlled development strategy and the stability of profitability help to make the company’s evolution durable focusing on basics : progression and cost-effectiveness. 
This collective performance is made possible through the quality work and daily commitment of commercial, technical and management teams.
In 2014 DCS widened its client portofolio and retained existing customers to strike new deals and renew its engagements with companies belonging to a variety of economic sectors, reinforcing geographical network and its base of references. The group targets a double digit growth for 2015 and has set ambitious goals.

More info : another year that ends on a happy note for DCS as regards its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.  
Ecovadis has just updated DCS’s CSR evaluation, rating it 76/100 instead of 71/100 last year. The average score of all evaluated suppliers being 41.3/100.

With this new score DCS keeps up with the few world suppliers near touching 80/100, and has demonstrated that its CSR Management is well-designed and reliable.

Actions and promotion have been intended for the company’s employees and have exemplified how proactive DCS is in that field, always striving for continuous improvement.

Scores since 2012
2012 : 63/100 (GOLD status / engagement level « Confirmed »)
2013 : 71/100 (GOLD status / engagement level « Advanced »)
2014 : 76/100 (GOLD status / engagement level « Advanced »)

What is Ecovadis ? 
EcoVadis operates a collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, by evaluating them each year on their supply chain, social, environmental and economic actions. To know more :    

Last words before 2015 
DCS’s General Management would like to thank all her partners through this past year, a year that ends on good indicators… and wishes you happy New Year’s celebrations. See you all in early 2015 for new positive and prosperous adventures! 

Who are we ?

DCS is now an IT services company. It is a mid-sized business that was established in the 1970s/1980s to provide customers with IT services and solutions and help them to develop their IT systems.

DCS specialises in infrastructure services and aims to apply and share its expertise and know-how for the benefit of its customers, using best and industry standard practices.

"Our business is founded on strong corporate values, setting great store on respect for human relations and being close to our customers. This approach allows us to maintain a healthy, balanced relationship with our customers and staff. We aim for customer satisfaction and encourage our staff to achieve their full potential, to ensure long term collaboration and positive reciprocity. We strive to provide services to help our customers to expand their businesses applying the 4R rule - Responsiveness, Responsibility, Rigour and Reporting – to ensure customer satisfaction."


Our business has expanded and we now have full coverage of all regions of mainland France.
Our network of agencies and branch offices are able to provide local services for our customers, one of the fundamental values of the company.
We have set up offices in several European countries – Benelux, Iberian Peninsula, United Kingdom – to ensure that we have an international network to provide support for our customers.


Le Britannia B
20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle
69432 Lyon Cedex 3
Tél. +33 (0)4 78 95 81 70
Fax +33 (0)4 78 71 79 24


152 rue de Picpus
75583 Paris Cedex 12
Tél. +33 (0)1 53 17 15 20
Fax +33 (0)1 53 17 04 04

DCS EASYWARE – Aix/Marseille

350 avenue JRGG de la Lauzière
31 Parc Club du Golf – CS 90519
13593 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
Tél. +33 (0)4 42 16 35 38
Fax +33 (0)4 78 71 79 24


10 place de l’église Saint-Augustin
33000 Bordeaux
Tél. +33 (0)5 56 51 44 36


3 rue Marguerite Thibert
44200 Nantes
Tél. +33 (0)2 40 35 07 65

DCS EASYWARE – Strasbourg

2 rue de la Faisanderie
BP 10012 – Lingolsheim
67831 Tanneries Cedex
Tél. +33 (0)3 90 20 21 87
Fax +33 (0)3 90 20 21 99


35 rue Paule Raymondis
31200 Toulouse
Tél. +33 (0)5 61 38 61 58


Avenue Van Volxem, 262
1190 Bruxelles
Tél. +32 2 641 11 13
Fax +32 2 641 11 14

DCS IT IBERICA - Spain / Portugal

Ed. Forum Ctra.Rubi 40-50, 2°9°
08173 Sant Cugat del Valles – Barcelone
Tél. +34 93 674 81 09
Fax +34 93 674 73 02

DCS ICT UK - United Kingdom

Waverley House
7-12 Noel Street
W1F 8GQ London
Tél. +44 20 7495 2244

DCS is a responsible, reliable supplier.
DCS has always been a financially strong, robust company ensuring long-term stability for all its stakeholders.
DCS has adopted a pragmatic sales policy, which is regularly reviewed, to maintain profitability. The long established business, rigorous management and controlled growth strategy all help to maintain our financial and economic stability.

The balance sheet is continuously strengthened by shareholders preferring reinvestment of profits to expand the business and human capital, in keeping with the long term company strategy.

Our solutions

40 years of providing services to customers have strengthened our efficiency in ensuring that infrastructures remain operational:

  • Management of user environments
  • System integration and operation
  • Data centre and network expertise

DCS, highly qualified professionals

DCS implements flexible, innovative solutions for each of its customers, to meet:

  • Their customer service requirements
  • Their operating constraints
  • Their strategic aims

Our experience in service management provides:

  • Line and operational management of teams
  • Conformance with procedures, standards and best practices (ISO, ITIL, etc)
  • Information technology expertise
  • Specialists in implementing and monitoring services

Anticipating the requirements of its customers and identifying the best solutions has established DCS’s reputation among its customers:

  • Guaranteed continuity of service even in extreme conditions
  • Appropriate, proven resources
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Performance measurement
  • Transparency and best prices


Types of services

Technical assistance

We are able to provide staff to meet any of your requirements, whether you need continuity of service or not, supervised by our operations managers.

Facilities management

Our service contracts are drawn up on a fixed price basis, we assess the quality of our services and guarantee our contractual obligations by setting up a well-established management procedure with an appropriate service-level agreement (SLA).

Service Desk

We manage your lines of service from our service desks in France. We guarantee you increased productivity and compliance with your quality standards, statistical requirements and ITIL good practices.


Our consultants can advise you on:

  • Infrastructure
  • Process implementation (ITIL, etc)
  • Selection of software and hardware
  • Organisation
  • User environment management

    Our solutions cover a broad range from hardware / software support on-site or from a service center to complete management of heterogeneous systems.

    • Work environment
    • Equipment management
    • Deployment
    • System administration
    • Applications administration
    • Project management
    • System architecture
  • System integration and operation

    Our experts guarantee the high availability of, and manage upgrades to, your IT infrastructure, whatever the constraints.

    • Operations supervision,
    • Operations analysis,
    • Applications management / integration,
    • System engineering / expertise,
    • Applications administration,
    • DBMS expertise,
    • Project management

    We guarantee 7/7, 24/24 service continuity of your IT systems. Our services are provided in accordance with the ITIL good practices guide. We manage your incidents, comply with your requirements and identify your problems. For level 2 support, we carry out recurrence analyses for escalation and modifications. We oversee and carry out system launches. We analyse your performance, carry out system updates and manage your development projects.

  • Datacenter and network expertise

    Our teams can design and install your IT infrastructure, maintain it in operational condition and upgrade it.

    • Network cabling,
    • Datacenter management,
    • network administration and engineering,
    • network projects – telecoms,

    DCS undertakes projects for consolidation, centralisation and security of networks and datacenters.


    • Installation-certification
    • Installation of patch panels


    • Local services
    • Level 1 incident management
    • Supervision of infrastructure
    • Equipment management
    • Backup management
    • Infrastructure relocation
  • Your sector of activity

  • Industry

    • Agilent
    • Danone
    • Fiat
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • IBM
    • Sony Ericsson
    • Salomon
    • ST Microelectronics

    Through business process automation, we improve productivity and ensure continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure.

  • Banking-Insurance

    • Banco Sabadell
    • Banque de France
    • Banques Populaires
    • Crédit Agricole
    • Crédit Mutuel

    We ensure 24/7/365 continuity of your IT service to meet your quality standards and your contractual requirements

  • Administration and local Authorities

    • Ademe
    • Centre Georges Pompidou
    • Conseil Général 44
    • Grand Lyon
    • INA
    • URSSAF

    We provide consultancy for the management and development of your infrastructure. DCS is qualified to handle confidential defence information and undertakes to comply with your data security policy. It provides you with transparency and services at the best price

  • Commerce and retailing

    • Casino
    • Cirsa
    • Elior
    • Franprix
    • Leader price
    • LVMH
    • Systeme U

    Our flexibility and proactive approach are major strengths in an exacting field requiring minimum prices and added value.

  • Services

    • Apicil
    • AREA
    • Aéroport de Nice
    • Coface
    • Fiducial
    • Johnson Controls
    • Keolis
    • PWC

    Skills that meet your requirements combined with a constant progress strategy make DCS a valued supplier of services within your budget.

Our corporate social responsibility

  • ISO 9001

    DCS is committed to quality and continuity of service. It is certified ISO 9001 and its quality management system is part of its strategy for excellence.

    > AFNOR website


  • UN Global Compact

    DCS’s corporate strategy is based on established values which shape its identity and channel its ethical approach towards achieving its great ambitions for social, environmental and economic progress to ensure shared, sustainable growth. DCS has, therefore, drawn up an Ethics Charter covering its social commitment. It is committed to the UN Global Compact, issuing an annual report on practices, actions and results in its “Communication on Progress”.

  • EcoVadis

    DCS’s corporate social responsibility performance is assessed by EcoVadis. DCS has achieved a very high score illustrating the degree of involvement in sustainable development and the company is ranked among the top 2% of the most committed suppliers worldwide.

    > Ecovadis Website

    > EcoVadis CSR performance detailed here


Join us

Our HR commitment

"We build up our HR strategy together."

“We work tightly on Human Resources and cultivate diversity and equity.”

  • Through a controlled growth of our Human Resources we develop in France and Europe ;
  • Through a recruitment process based on listening and kindness we address candidates from diverse backgrounds (training, experience, origin, etc.) ;
  • Through a job orientation period and a close follow-up of collaborators (support and counseling, individual and professional meetings) we build a lasting relationship grounded on proximity and fostering geographic and occupational mobility ;  
  • Through corporate agreements signed with social partners (equality of Women and Men at work, disabled workers, yound and senior workers), we implement corporate social responsibility ;
  • Our HR policy, endorsed by all the management, applies daily in every team and turns out to be a great performance and creativity lever ;  
  • Our engagements, actions and results are publicly available in the “Corporate Social Responsibilty” section of this website. 



5 good reasons for joining the company

"Why work for DCS?"
  • Multi-sector missions enabling you to discover new horizons and acquire new skills
  • Technical or managerial training to ensure the excellence of the services provided by our teams
  • Regular reviews to make the most of your skills and realise your ambitions
  • Geographical mobility or jobs to meet your expectations and help our company to grow
  • A dynamic company with a solid financial foundation.

What our employees have said

"What employees think"
Myriam Myriam

« What some of our employees
have said about working for DCS ».

Adamalik M. :
« Having worked for other software and computing services companies before joining DCS in 2009, I have had different jobs which I reached through internal training as well as external ones.
I started working in shifts as a System Administrator for a great account customer, then worked on a standard working day basis as a technician and rapidly evolved to a technical specialist position. On the lookout for new professional opportunities, I became helpdesk supervisor and then was offered an automation support job for a big bank. Today as a technical coordinator on the mutualized supervision service desk, I can assure you that this company knows how to manage its employees’ merits through evolution opportunities. »

Marie-Noëlle H. :
« I don’t regret choosing to join DCS 8 years ago and getting a sense of professional satisfaction within a software and computing services companies of international stature and where style of management is human-based and making no differences between men and women.
I joined a tightly-knit and dynamic team, where I am listened to and that enabled me to evolve and develop skills. »

Hervé M. :
« During my recruitment process, I was pleasantly surprises to see that this company was not only considering diplomas but also valued your experience and acquired skills.
Then, the mission I was proposed suited me well and was adapted to me. The commercial follow-up is close and we discuss freely on how the on-going mission feels like. »