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Established in the 70s in Haute-Savoie, DCS is a solid partner of its customers, legitimately recognized in digital services economy. DCS participates in their development, by looking for them productivity gains based on the proactivity of its employees, the innovation of its solutions and a solidary vision of the service.

Our business is based on strong corporate values, setting great store on respect for human relations and being close to our customers.

This approach allows us to maintain a healthy, balanced relationship with our customers and staff. We aim for customer satisfaction and encourage our staff to achieve their full potential, to ensure long term cooperation and positive reciprocity.



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End user &
Workplace management

IT Infrastructures Management
Production & Exploitation

Implementation of solutions

Innovation &
Design Solutions

End user & Digital Workplace

  • Help desk / Service desk / IT kiosk
  • User support / IMACs
  • Application and functional support
  • Asset management
  • Incident & Problem management
  • User experience, customer centricity
  • Digital Workplace, Security
  • Omnicanal solutions
  • Knowledge management
  • Selfservices & Selfcare

IT Infrastructures Management
Integration, Deployment & Operation

  • Operating supervision & Control 24/7
  • Operation & Administration of tools/systems, DBMS, Security, Networks & Telecoms
  • Production Engineering
  • Datacenter Management
  • High availability, continuity of service
  • Quality of service, continuous improvement
  • Automation, Devops strategy, Agile IT
  • Time to market
  • Enhanced protection of sensitive data
  • Rationalization

Implementation of solutions

  • Managed Services
  • ITSM Solutions
  • Digital Workplace
  • Customer experience
  • Agile IT
  • Devops
  • Cybersecurity
  • Continual Improvement
  • Rationalization

Innovation &
Design Solutions

  • Digital Workplace
  • ITSM Solutions
  • Devops
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data as service
  • AI
  • Knowledge Structure
  • Selfservices & Selfcare

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CSR Report

DCS made a commitment with UN Global Compact program and registered its societal commitments in a Code of Business Ethics. Consult our “Communication on the Progress” report.

ISO 9001

DCS makes a commitment in terms of quality and continuity of service. Certified ISO 9001, the management of its “management system” takes place in a dynamics looking for the excellence.


Check out our 2019 scoring details. The CSR performance of DCS is estimated by specialized experts’ company EcoVadis. Very good rate (78/100) which was awarded to DCS, places the company in the TOP 1 % of + 45,000 suppliers estimated.

Anti-corruption Engagement

Consult our Code of Ethics and Good Conduct.
Access the SYNERGY INTEGRITY LINE alert launch platform (dedicated to employees and partners).

GDPR Policy

Check out our GDPR Policy.

Index Gender equality

DCS scored 80/100 on the Gender Index for 2018. This figure indicates the level of earnings gap performance between women and men, according to current legislation.


Since 2006, DCS integrated into its Services Desk Department in Lyon a complete offer of N1/N3 services with GLPI and FusionInventory, in close collaboration with David DURIEUX, official developer.

Fusion Inventory

Since 2006, DCS integrated into its Services Desk Department in Lyon a complete offer of N1/N3 services with GLPI and FusionInventory, in close collaboration with David DURIEUX, official developer.


Alignak is an open source monitoring solution.


Thanks to the ITIL certification, some of our staff benefits from the best practical dedicated to the IT industry.


The main objective of the CLUSIF, the French club of the security information, is to favor the exchanges of ideas and experience feedback through working groups, publications and thematic conferences.

IBM Business Partner

Thanks to the Business Partner status, DCS has necessary tools to benefit from strategic trends such as the cloud, the big data, the mobility and the security.

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DCS EASYWARE is committed to a continuous process of protecting the personal data of its customers,
staff and partners, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) dated 27 April 2016,
also known as "GDPR".

In accordance with the principles laid down by the law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information
technology, databases and civil liberties, amended by the law 2018-493 dated 20 June 2018 and the
General Data Protection Regulation (EU) no. 2016-679 (GDPR), any natural person has the right to
decide and to control the uses made of their personal data.

Personal data is understood to be any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural
person, in other words anyone who can be directly or indirectly identified, notably with reference to an
identifier, such as a name, identification number, location data, online identifier, or to one or more
particulars specific to that person. The data subject concerned by the processing of personal data is the
person to whom the processed data refers.

DCS EASYWARE asks the reader to pay special attention to the information provided below and to send
any request for further information about personal data to DCS EASYWARE via the contact address or by post to DCS EASYWARE, 20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle, Le Britannia B, 69003 Lyon (France).

Anyone may view DCS EASYWARE's GDPR policy online at



1.1 Data controller:

The data controller determining the purposes and means of collecting personal data is DCS EASYWARE, a société par actions simplifiée (simplified public limited company) with share capital of 2,236,500 euros, listed in the Trade & Companies Register of Lyon under number 797 080 397 and having its registered office at 20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle, Le Britannia B, 69003 Lyon (France), represented by its serving Chair, Mrs Fabienne Dalliere.

1.2 Data Protection Officer or "DPO":

The Data Protection Officer who has been appointed by DCS EASYWARE may be contacted at:
Postal address: DCS EASYWARE 20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle, Le Britannia B, 69003 Lyon (France)
Telephone: +33 (0)4 78 95 81 70


2.1 Personal data you have disclosed to DCS EASYWARE:

The personal data collected directly by DCS EASYWARE is either data that we ask you for or data you spontaneously disclose to us.

If you have business dealings with DCS EASYWARE in your capacity as customer, prospective customer or supplier, we collect the personal data listed below; which is needed to manage our relationship, especially the data required by departments in charge of sales, operations, customers and accounts (invoicing):

  • Full name of the contact
  • Business postal address
  • Business e-mail address
  • Telephone/mobile number
  • Job title – department

If you send in an application to a job offer or an unsolicited application to DCS EASYWARE, either by post, on the DCS EASYWARE website, or by any other means, the following personal data concerning you may be collected at some stage in the recruitment process:

  • Full name, date of birth, nationality, driving licence
  • Personal postal address
  • Personal e-mail address
  • Telephone/mobile number
  • Qualifications, training, work experience, languages, centres of interest

2.2 Personal data collected automatically:

In addition to the personal data you disclose to us, the website that DCS EASYWARE runs (hereafter the "Website") automatically collects the following personal data when you browse the Website: IP addresses, ID of your device, login details that are automatically saved by the tools tracking the Website's traffic.

2.3 Personal data collected from a third party:

DCS EASYWARE may receive personal data concerning you from a third party, but only when that third party is authorized or required to disclose the data to us, notably in fulfilment of a contract for the supply of IT services binding us to the third party. Your personal identification data includes:

  • Full name
  • Postal address of the customer site
  • Business e-mail
  • Telephone/mobile number
  • Job title - Department

When a third party provides us with your personal data, DCS EASYWARE checks with the third party that your prior consent was requested and granted.


Your personal data is only collected, either directly or on the Website, with your willing agreement to provide your personal data or have it stored.

When providing or entering the data, you are always informed of the mandatory or optional nature of the personal data you are entering. When the required data is mandatory, the fact of not providing the said personal data may prevent DCS EASYWARE from fulfilling a contract or agreement made with you, or from providing the expected service.

More particularly, when certain personal data is required to access a specific service on the Website (such as submitting an online job application for instance), the fields marked with an asterisk are required fields (the last name, first name, e-mail address, the message sent). The fact of not completing the required fields will prevent you from accessing the proposed services, such as submitting a job application to DCS EASYWARE or receiving a Newsletter.


4.1 Purpose of the processing:

We only collect the personal data that is strictly necessary for the purpose of our relationship or our collaboration.

The personal data is processed by DCS EASYWARE for lawful, explicit, legitimate and established purposes, as described below. DCS EASYWARE uses the said data more specifically:

  • To process the business relations that DCS EASYWARE maintains with its customers and suppliers/service providers, notably to process the services you have requested from it or the services it requests of you (particularly to setup, provide and manage the service, deliver assistance, and process your demands);
  • To process accounting, invoicing and other internal business functions;
  • To process applications to subscribe to the newsletter and send out the latter;
  • To process applications to the job offers posted, unsolicited applications and alert notifications on new job offers;
  • To operate and manage the Website;
  • To process visitor logs;
  • To manage staff.

Without processing the collected personal data, DCS EASYWARE could not provide the services for which the contract/agreement was made, or meet the obligations pertaining to the other services concerned.

4.2 Legal basis for processing personal data:

DCS EASYWARE processes your personal data on the following legal grounds:

  • You have given us your express prior consent;
  • DCS EASYWARE needs your personal data to fulfil a contract entered into with you or to perform precontractual measures undertaken at your request;
  • DCS EASYWARE needs your personal data to provide a service required to browse the Website;
  • The processing is required with respect to a legal obligation, to which DCS EASYWARE may be subject in its capacity as data controller;
  • When personal data processing is required to protect the legitimate interests of DCS EASYWARE, while at the same time protecting your own interests, and your fundamental rights and freedoms in matters of personal data protection;
  • When the collection of personal data is required by law.


5.1 Rights concerned:

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) dated 27 April 2016 and the law 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on information technology, databases and civil liberties amended by the law 2018-493 dated 20 June 2018, you have at all times and without undue delay:

  • A right of access to your personal data, more particularly for the purpose of obtaining (i) confirmation that your personal data is or is not processed; (ii) information about the purpose of the processing, the categories of personal information processed and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data is disclosed as well as the data retention period or the criteria used to determine that period; (iii) where applicable, information about the planned transfer of personal data to a non-member state of the European Union; (iv) where the personal data is not collected from the data subject, any available information as to their source; (v) information whereby the data subject can know and dispute the logic underpinning the automated processing if a decision is made on the grounds thereof that has legal effects with regard to you.

A copy of the personal data is delivered to you on request. DCS EASYWARE may demand payment to deliver this copy, but the amount cannot exceed the cost of the reproduction. In that case, when delivering the requested copy, DCS EASYWARE will certify payment of the amount collected on this account.

  • A right to rectification of your personal data, when they are inaccurate. This right also includes that of demanding that your personal data be completed when it is incomplete. When you obtain an amendment of the record, you are entitled to ask DCS EASYWARE to refund the cost of the copy of the personal data delivered against payment.
  • A right to erasure of your personal data, when the personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected by DCS EASYWARE or when you decide to withdraw your consent on which the personal data processing is founded or when you object to the processing or when the data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation. However, it is hereby stipulated that this right to erasure does not apply when processing is required to meet a legal obligation, for the registration, exercise or defence of legal claims, or for any other reason specified by law or the regulations.
  • A right to restriction of processing of your personal data, notably for a period of time to enable DCS EASYWARE to check the accuracy of your personal data after you contest it, or if the processing proves unlawful, you object to the erasure of your personal data and prefer instead to restrict its processing, or when DCS EASYWARE no longer needs the personal data for processing purposes but you need it to file, exercise or defend legal claims, or when you object to the processing and only for the time it takes to check the question of whether the legitimate grounds for processing by DCS EASYWARE take precedence over your own.

DCS EASYWARE will notify you of any rectification or erasure of personal data or any restriction of the aforementioned processing. In the latter case, DCS EASYWARE will also inform you before the restriction of processing is lifted.

You also have:

  • A right to data portability on your personal data, enabling you to receive it in a format that is structured, commonly used and readable by machine and to forward them to another data controller, when the processing is founded on your consent or on fulfilment of a contract or when the processing is done with the aid of automated means, including a right to have DCS EASYWARE send the data directly to another data controller, when that is technically possible.
  • A right to object at any time and in any event, before final confirmation of the data entered, and for legitimate reasons, to your personal data being the subject of processing (including profiling) as well as the right to object, at no charge, to your personal data being used for canvassing purposes, particularly direct marketing, including profiling inasmuch as it is linked to any such canvassing.
  • A right not to be the subject of any decision founded exclusively on an automated decision, including profiling, producing legal effects concerning you or adversely affecting you significantly in a similar manner, unless the automated processing decision is founded on your explicit consent or if it is necessary to conclude or fulfil an agreement made with DCS EASYWARE or when the decision is authorized by specific statutory provisions. Besides the right to contest the fully automated decision concerning you and to express your point of view, in any event you have the right to be informed that a fully automated decision has been made about you, the right to ask to know the logic and criteria used to make the decision, and the right to demand the intervention of a human being who can re-examine the decision.

Pursuant to article 40-1 of the law 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 amended by the law no. 2016-1321 dated 7 October 2016, you have, in any event, the right to define general or special instructions concerning the storage, erasure and disclosure of your personal data after your death. You may in any event modify or revoke your instructions at any time. It is stipulated that if the deceased's heir wishes to update any data concerning the deceased user, he or she must show proof of their identity and their capacity as heir when making the request, by producing an affidavit of inheritance or a family record book.

5.2 Procedures for exercising rights:

To exercise any of the aforementioned rights, a request should be sent to DCS EASYWARE either by post to the following address: DCS EASYWARE, 20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle, Le Britannia B, 69003 Lyon (France), or by e-mail to the following address:, or directly on the Website under the "Contact us" section.

For safety reasons aimed at preventing any fraudulent request, you must prove your identity by any means. If DCS EASYWARE has reasonable doubts about your identity, it reserves the right to ask you for additional information, including a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature.

You may also present your request in person, in which case you will have to show DCS EASYWARE proof of your identity. If you so wish, you may be assisted by the counsel of your choosing. The request can also be made by a person you have specifically empowered for the purpose, after showing proof of the latter's power of attorney and identity, and your identity as the represented person. If the request cannot be satisfied immediately, a dated and signed acknowledgement of receipt will be delivered.

If the request you send is imprecise or does not contain information that would allow DCS EASYWARE to answer it, the latter may ask you to provide additional information within one (1) month of the date of receipt of the request for additional information.

5.3 Processing of the request:

DCS EASYWARE will take all appropriate measures to comply with your request and will keep you fully informed of all the steps taken as soon as possible and, in any event, within no more than one (1) month from the date of receipt of your request. It is stipulated that when you submit your request in electronic form, the information may be supplied to you in electronic form whenever possible, unless you instruct otherwise. After processing the request, any proof of identity provided is destroyed.

5.4 Right to file a complaint with the regulator:

DCS EASYWARE hereby informs you, in accordance with applicable regulations, that you have the right to file any complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) (the French data protection authority) if you consider that your rights have been infringed, notably in the event of failure to erase personal data or to respond to your request to have your personal data rectified or completed or to restrict the processing thereof.


6.1 Recipients of personal data:

The recipients of your personal data we collect are:

  • DCS EASYWARE's internal departments, including the departments of DCS EASYWARE branches, which are based in France and in the EU;
  • Third-party providers under contract with DCS EASYWARE, who intervene for the purposes of delivering the services entrusted to them by DCS EASYWARE, notably for the requirements of the Website's publishing process, and for the needs of performing outsourced tasks required for personnel recruitment and management;
  • Government departments and certain organizations (supplementary health insurance, insurance, etc.);

Your personal data is not transferred or disclosed to third parties, apart from DCS EASYWARE's internal departments and the aforementioned third-party providers, on whom DCS EASYWARE imposes the obligation to process personal data in accordance with DCS EASYWARE's undertakings with regard to privacy and your personal data.

In any event, DCS EASYWARE never sells the personal data it collects to any third party whatsoever.

However, in accordance with applicable regulations, in the event of proven infringement of statutory or regulatory provisions, this personal data may nonetheless be the subject of disclosure at the express and substantiated request of judicial or administrative authorities.

6.2 Transfer of personal data to non-member States of the European Union:

DCS EASYWARE does not transfer personal data destined for a non-member State of the European Union.



7.1 Storage period of the personal data we collect:

DCS EASYWARE stores personal data for the time required for the relationship established with DCS EASYWARE or the time required for the operations for which the said data were collected. This period cannot exceed the necessary time for the purposes for which data was collected, with the caveat that the legal personal data storage periods may apply where relevant.

The personal data that DCS EASYWARE must use for the purpose for which the said data was collected, required to meet a legal obligation and/or the registration, exercise or defence of legal claims, may nonetheless be retained for the strict time necessary to exercise such rights.

7.2 Security and confidentiality of personal data we collect:

DCS EASYWARE has taken care to put in place all appropriate protective measures and, more particularly, all effective technical measures designed to preserve the security and confidentiality of the personal data it collects and processes. Your personal data is processed electronically and/or manually and in any event, in such a way that protection thereof is assured, with regard to its degree of sensitivity, by administrative, technical and physical security measures aimed at preserving the confidentiality, preventing the loss, theft, use, disclosure or unauthorized amendment of the said data and preventing it from being misrepresented, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

The data is secured and hosted in France and access thereto is strictly limited to those empowered to process it. Any staff member of DCS EASYWARE who accesses this personal information is informed of its confidential nature. Equally, DCS EASYWARE ensures that its third-party providers liable to have cognizance of your personal data, adhere to the same non-disclosure obligation.



8.1 Definition :

Cookies (or trackers) are files placed by a website visited by the user, which are then saved on the user's terminal, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. They perform various functions that retain the user's data in order to facilitate browsing and optimize the ergonomics and features of the website in question.

DCS EASYWARE uses cookies to make your browsing on the Website easier and notably to store information that will be reused on your next visit, in order to make the ergonomics of your visit smoother and improve the provision of services.

8.2 Information and consent to saving cookies:

Your prior consent is required to save a cookie on your terminal. Your consent to installing cookies is subject to an affirmative action on your part and may be refused, modified or revoked at any time by using the settings options proposed by your browser.

During your visits to the Website, you are informed to that end that cookies may be installed on your terminal, by a banner that explains the exact purpose of the cookies used, the option to object to these cookies or to change the settings by clicking a link on the banner, and the fact of continuing to browse is deemed your consent to have cookies placed on your terminal.

The period of validity of the consent to the placement of a cookie is no more than thirteen (13) months. When this time limit expires, your consent will be requested again.

8.3 Purposes of the cookies used:

The cookies used do not permit direct identification and are only used to track the volume, type and configuration of the traffic using the Website, to further develop its design and layout and for other administrative and planning purposes and more generally to improve the service offered.

In this respect, the cookies used by DCS EASYWARE are more particularly for the following purposes:

  • Functional and technical cookies:

Functional and technical cookies:

  • improve browsing on the Website;
  • improve the Website's functionalities;
  • personalize the Website's services and content;
  • adapt the Website's presentation to the view preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits to the Website.
  • Web analytics cookies:

These cookies provide a better understanding of the use made of the Website. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and only used for statistical purposes. Cookies can:

  • optimize the Website;
  • measure browser preferences and traffic on the Website (page views, date and time viewed, etc.);
  • generate statistics and site traffic figures;
  • improve the Website's functionalities;
  • monitor the Website's performance.

8.4 Cookie management options:

The cookies are managed by your browser software. Most browsers are configured by default and accept the installation of cookies. You can nonetheless configure your browser in such a way that cookies are saved on your terminal or rejected systematically or depending on the source. You can also configure your browser in such a way that the cookie acceptance or refusal procedure is offered to you before a cookie can be saved on your terminal.

DCS EASYWARE draws your attention to the fact that if you choose to refuse or to deactivate cookies, you may find that you no longer benefit from certain functionalities enabling you to browse the Website without incident. DCS EASYWARE accepts no liability for any incident or failsoft mode ensuing from the refusal or deactivation of cookies.

You can delete the cookies stored on your terminal using browser configuration procedures, depending on the browser used.


Apart from the information contained in this personal data protection policy, DCS EASYWARE hereby informs you that all staff processing the personal data we collect from our customers or partners have been made aware of DCS EASYWARE's GDPR policy through training courses and briefing meetings.

An internal GDPR Project group headed by the Data Protection Officer supervises and monitors all actions in connection with the implementation of applicable regulations.

Headquarters - Regional office

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